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Optimal athletic performance requires food and nutrient intake that is tailored to each athlete’s sport, training schedule and individual needs. More...
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Eat right and perform better, the two are directly related. This article will review the proper timing and balancing of pre- and post-workout/competition snacks or meals. Basic guidelines for parents and coaches are also provided. More...
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Maintaining proper fluid balance is essential for every athlete since small levels of dehydration can negatively impact performance. More...

What is the best way for my son to gain weight for the upcoming football season?

What is the best way for my son to gain weight for the upcoming football season?

As a child develops, and especially during puberty, weight gain will happen on its own. We believe your son’s goal is to gain muscular weight that allows him to be the best he can be at that point in time – i.e. at his full potential for size, speed and strength when football season starts.

The rate and amount of muscle gain is dependent on the athlete’s diet, current level of resistance training experience (muscle develops quickly for beginners and slows as exercise-induced muscle is continuously added), the strength training program, growth stage and genetic predisposition.

On average, an adolescent athlete would consume approximately 250 calories more per day than they expend to gain one pound of muscle. Total daily calories should be comprised of approximately 50-60% carbohydrates, 20-25% protein, and fat can be 20-30%. If weight gain does not occur at approximately one-half to one pound per week, you may add roughly 100 to 250 calories to the daily total (based on body size) consisting of equal amounts of carbohydrates and protein and moderate fat. For example, 20 grams protein, 20 grams carbohydrate, and 10 grams fat equaling 250 calories. Repeat this process as needed.

You might consider using products in the smartsnacks.FIT category, including shake mixes, to add calories that deliver the proper nutrients for muscle gain. Additionally, they are ideal for pre- and post-training/event feedings as shown in the menu below.

Performance menu for youth athletes (3600 calories).

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